Frequently asked questions

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about our services, JtoC’s Getting started in China. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

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Q. Can I apply for J to C’s service from outside the metropolitan area?

Yes, you can. It does not really matter where the application comes from as we offer internet based services. After starting the contract, we contact customers mainly via e-mail or phone. At customer’s request, we can dispatch a staff. You will be asked to cover travel expenses and pay a dispatch fee.


Q. I want to make my website multilingual. Can JtoC offer services relating to that?

Yes, we can professionally translate any Japanese website into English and Chinese. It is very useful because you can use your existing website. A growing number of customers first start to build a multilingual website in order to cultivate a market abroad. Once you provide us details of your website and decide into which languages you want it translated, we offer a preliminary estimate.


Q. What kind of service would you provide with Business negotiation?

We translate inquiries received from abroad and contact a customer. It is not just a translation service, but an intermediation service to promote negotiations smoothly. For instance, if our customers receive inquiries from a new partner in China, we check a company profile, whether it has a trading right to negotiate directly. Bilingual staffs who have expertise in trading business will serve customers.


Q. What kind of assistance could you provide in relation to custom formalities?

First, we check information required for customs clearance to import and export your products. This includes the following assistance; to identify the HS codes, to locate the relevant duty and tax, to confirm that your products is not on the list of import and export restrictions and to check Chinese license system. Further, we provide you information on logistics and payment procedures in accordance to the contract type, such as B to B or B to C.


Q. I am worried if replicas will be circulated. Do you know any countermeasure against this?

We consider intellectual property rights as the most important aspect of trading abroad. You need to apply for a patent right, utility model right, design right and trademark right separately. JtoC will introduce you to lawyers who have expertise in international protection of intellectual property rights and who are residing abroad such as China or a patent attorney.


Q. I want to build a website to attract foreign tourists. Can you help?

Yes, we can assist you not only by creating website in foreign language, but by listing advertisement, translating and interpreting.


Q. Can you support to renew our chinese subsidiary’s website?

Yes, JtoC has an office in Shanghai to create websites. We can receive orders and set up meeting both in Japan and China. Please contact us.