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An Interview article on getting started in China to be reported in “Zeimu Kouhou”.


An Interview article of Yuji Tsuruno, who runs JtoC Getting started in China, will appear in “Zeimu Kouhou”, October 2011.

He comments on Chinese business as an expert supported many SMEs to enter China.


An extract from “Zeimu Kouhou”, October 2011, P90.


* To find out more, please obtain “Zeimu Kouhou”, October 2011, from your local book shop.

Started JtoC Getting started in China.


We started new service- JtoC’s Getting started in China – to help our customer cultivate Chinese market.


  1. Website Setup / Translation
  2. Web marketing
  3. Business negotiation
  4. Consultation


A package includes all these services.


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